Fatigue & Hypoglycemia, managed.

Manage and detect fatigue and hypoglycemic events through wearables and smartphones. Non-invasive, low-cost, and maintenance free!

    Making fatigue & hypoglycemia management tools less

    Current solutions are invasive and require the use of needles. GlycoTrem is completely non-invasive!

    Current solutions are expensive and complicated. GlycoTrem is relatively inexpensive and incredibly easy to use!

    GlycoTrem makes use of your smartphone, and wearables. This way – you don’t have to worry about bulky, ugly, and cumbersome readers or kits with endless parts!

    It doesn't get any better... There is
    no competition.

    Suits your style

    By using off the shelf wearbale devices, GlycoTrem allows for greater personal freedom and expression. No bulky readers, needles, or ugly enclosures.

    Sarah avatar image
    “Best of all, it's attached.”
    You don't have to choose

    We're trying to make GlycoTrem as accessible as possible. Choose a ring-based sensor or a smartwatch sensor!

    Needles? No thanks.

    GlycoTrem completely eliminates the need for invasive solutions based on needles and drawing blood. No one likes needles, and we agree.

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    “It's non-invasive.”

    Patients, Parents, Children, Researchers, and Healthcare Providers

    GlycoTrem is for everyone. If you’re a parent caring for a child, a healthcare provider collecting patient data, or a researcher, GlycoTrem provides a tailored experience to maximize your satisfaction.

    Fully Responsive
    Multiple Formats
    Modular Components

    Smartwatch Companion App for Ring Sensor

    Keep track of things
    All the intensive calculations happen on your smartphone seamlessly, extending your ring sensor's battery life!
    Potential API Support
    GlycoTrem is built to be modular and easily extendable. An API could allow you to integrate our fatigue and hypoglycemia detection in your own solutions in the future!

    People are diggin’ it

    Our ethnographic study reveals that GlycoTrem will have a place in the market.
    I believe it will be a very useful tool. Informing patients or their parents of hypoglycemic events is critical.”
    Dr. Erchin Serpedin
    ECEN Department Chair at TAMUQ
    “This device will be very helpful, particularly for children who may not know their symptoms.”
    Dr. Lilia Aljihmani
    Postdoc Researcher at CRHT-Q
    “It would alert me before I get trembly, and best of all it's attached I don't have to worry about losing it.”
    Sarah Shahin
    Diabetic Patient

    GlycoTrem’s development is complete!

    GlycoTrem for Ring and Smartwatch is available for both platforms by request!

    Please get in touch and request the APKs to both applications if you’re interested.

    This project is part of QNRF grant NPRP 10-1231-160071 through undergraduate student research/employment with L.PI. Dr. Khalid Qaraqe.
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